How Do You And Your Company Give Back?


Deep thoughts at 2am remind me that I have a pretty easy life. Not everyone is as lucky as I am and most of the time we take it for granted.

At a recent seminar we were told what one person thought they did to make themselves successful. He said he gives back. Some questions that stuck with me from a speaker was asking how we give back. What does your company do? What do you do? Are they similar or are your goals quite different? Do your values align?

My first thought was that yes he was right and I should do more. It would be harder to do alone, but there is no reason we cannot work within and outside of our business towards a common goal to help others.

We are currently supporting someone to raise money for medical treatment through our workplace giving program. Yes, it is nice to do during work hours and we get the nice fuzzy feeling. But I can do things in my own time to help too.

Thinking of what I could do outside was fun. I am also a trained yoga instructor so I ran a class and all proceeds were donated. I arranged a walk-a-thon and asked people to sponsor my walk. What more could our company do?

While we cannot spend all day working on charity, as nice as it might be, there are ways our workplace can give back. Here are the top ways I am using the company to help:

1. Use the company social media platforms to promote and advertise your cause and fundraising events. Generally, they have more followers than a regular person and some of those people may like to help.

2. Use company connections to access reporters, people of influence and sponsors who can help raise vital funds. This might be clients, staff or creditors used by your organisation. If you are in an office building or shopping centre, you already have people who know and trust you; share the love.

3. Raise awareness by utilising company branding to highlight your start zone. For example, we use a work banner as the check point for the start of the walk, the meeting point for the yoga class and many other things.

4. Create a team building activity to help someone. You might like to find time to help feed the homeless, pack items for a charity or stuff envelopes. Remember it is about what they need, not you. Doing this as a team creates a great environment and it can be a fun afternoon.

5. Make it a way to appreciate the boss. I have found that by pointing out that the boss is helping us to help others, to strengthen as a team and is paying us for the privilege. They love it.

Whatever you do try to make it something that you all agree on and something you can be proud of. Why not take photos and show them to your clients?

Brenda Mitchell is a Head of Department for Property Management at Harcourts Ashmore. In her 6th year of real estate, she is passionate about the industry and strives to find innovative ways to support her investors to increase their return on investment.

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